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SAMnet Support

Welcome to the SAMnet Online Support Page. This page may help our internet access customers with common questions or problems.

If you're looking for your connection/browser information, click here.

If you need directions, phone information or office hours, click here.

Much of this area is a work in progress. If you encounter any problems, please e-mail us with the error message and the address by clicking here.

Home Page Setup - Here's all the information you'll need to activate your personal web space. Also included are instructions on setting up a counter, form mail, etc. For domain level accounts please Contact us directly for detailed instructions.

Web Hit Counter Setup- Here are the instructions on setting up a web hit counter.

Support Request Form - Complete this form if you do not find the answer to you question in the Knowledge Base or in the pages below.

Dialup Support

Mail Authentication - When accessing your SAMnet E-Mail using our National Numbers or SAMnet DSL service, you may have to re-configure your mail program to sent messages out.  If so, Click Here for Instructions.

Outlook Express Setup - If you require help on setting up Outlook Express to communicate with SAMnet's mail servers, check out this link.

Acceptable Usage Policy


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