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Home Page Setup

Step 1 - Contact us:Contact SAMnet  between 9:00am and 8:00pm Monday - Friday  (413) 596-2050 to activate your web space and receive the proper access privileges you will need.

Step 2 - Get an FTP program:

You will need an FTP program, called a "client"  which can speak to the remote computer, or "server".  If you already have one, please skip ahead to Step 3.

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is used to transfer or upload your files to our Internet servers.

  • If you are currently a SAMnet customer, you can downloaded an FTP Client directly below. 

Note: Windows user will use "WS_FTP", Mac users will use "Fetch".


Step 3 - Connecting to SAMnet:To open an FTP connection to SAMnet, the client will need three pieces of information. Spelling is very important, make sure you type all information correctly and in lowercase.
  • The name of the remote computer 
    • Depending on the program, this machine will be called the host, the server, or the site. 
    • SAMnet's host name is
  • A "Username" 
    • This will usually be the same username you use when connecting to the Internet.
  • A "Password"
    • This will usually be the same password you use when connecting to the Internet.

Step 4 - Transferring Files:Once you have logged on, you will be placed in the correct directory. Typically the remote computers files will be on the right side of the FTP window, your local files will be on the left side.

Click once on the file to be copied or moved to select it. Next click the arrow (between the left & right screen) which is pointing in the direction you want the file to go.  You may need to choose a mode for your download. Automatic is the best option. Otherwise, you should typically use Binary.

Note: You MUST call the first file in your website "index.html".

Step 5 - Viewing your Web Files:Once the files have been uploaded to our server, they are ready to be viewed.  Your Web Site directory will typically be your UserName after the address. Open your Internet Explorer and type in your Web Site Address.


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