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Support - Dialup

To Change DNS Numbers:

  • MAC
  • NOTE:  With Windows based systems, do NOT enter specific numbers. Choose the boxes that say SERVER ASSIGNED NAME SERVER ADDRESS.

To Change Access Numbers:
If you just want to change the access number (the phone number you use to dial into the Internet), click one your operating system below. To view a list of the 
new SAMnet dialup access numbers, click here.

To set up a new SAMnet Account:
The easiest way to setup your new SAMnet Internet account on your computer is to use the Internet Connection Wizard.  To get to the wizard, follow these easy steps:

  1. Click the Start button.                 
  2. If you are running Windows XP, skip this step.  Otherwise, click on "Settings".                 
  3. Click on "Control Panel".  If you are running Windows XP and "Control Panel" is not listed here, click on "Settings" and again on "Control Panel".                 
  4. Double click "Internet Options". This will open the Internet Properties dialog box.                 
  5. Now click on the "Connection" tab at the top of the window.                 
  6. On the top of this window, locate and click on the "Setup..." button.  This will launch the Internet Connection Wizard.

For screenshots, click one of the following operating systems:

Windows 95, 98, or ME
Windows XP

If you need to configure your Dial-Up Networking settings, please choose your operating system from the list below.  The instructions for each operating system will be displayed for you.

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