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SAMnet Experience

SAMnet has been in the networking business since 1982.... long before some dealers in the area even knew what a "network" was. In 1996, SAMnet established it's Internet Service Provider component, which is the ULTIMATE NETWORK.

Providing round the clock network access to thousands of subscribers requires a team with depth and experience that is difficult to find at specialty shops and impossible to find at the national retail "superstore". This is the same experienced SAMnet team that we bring to each of our client's projects. 


SAMnet Servers, Workstations and Firewalls

SAMnet is a reseller of the top server and workstation brands in the industry. We currently offer products from IBM, Hewlett Packard, Compaq, Acer, Intel, Lucent, 3Com, Cisco, Ascend, Netscreen, and Multi-Tech to name a few. This means no matter what your networking needs are, we have the correct solution. Many vendors do not, or cannot, offer as diversified a product mix. Due to this limitation they often oversell, or worse yet, undersell in order to make the sale. SAMnet will evaluate your needs and tailor the optimal solution to your current requirements while leaving room to grow.

SAMnet is not limited to LANs

If your company has multiple geographic locations, SAMnet can supply the equipment and connectivity to provide 24/7 network communication between all of your offices via Direct Line, Frame Relay or a Secure VPN. In addition, SAMnet can provide a high speed Internet gateway for all the facilities on your network WAN or LAN, and the firewall services needed for protection.

SAMnet Contact

If you are planning a networking project, or are looking for service on an existing network, please give us a call at 413-596-2050 or e-mail us at 

Global Access - Local Service doesn't just apply to our Internet Services.


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2785 Boston Rd.
Wilbraham, MA 01095