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DSL - Main

Move into the age of broadband with a high-speed always-on DSL (digital subscriber line) connection!

With a SAMnet DSL connection you can have unlimited high-speed Internet access for one fixed monthly fee.  This is especially important for business customers who typically pay per-minute charges (message units) for dial-up connections.

With a broadband DSL connection, you can connect not one, but any number of computers to a single shared DSL connection.

And since a DSL connection has its own, dedicated telephone line, you won't be tying up phone lines for your Internet connections.

SAMnet provides SDSL (symmetric DSL) connections that offer the same speeds for both downloads as well as uploads - which is a significant advantage over other DSL offerings that limit your upload speeds.

SAMnet DSL also provides static IP addressing at no additional cost - a significant advantage for businesses with their own dedicated in-house mail servers, etc.

SAMnet DSL offers both business and residential service, at speeds starting at 128 kbps.

SAMnet also offers services that can assist you with integrating your current network infrastructure with a DSL connection.

For further information, please follow the additional DSL links on this page.  You can also email your questions to or contact one of our service professionals for further information or to place an order for service.


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