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Lately, you've heard of the numerous problems that unsolicited e-mails have been causing.  It seems like everyone has received at least one message for Viagra or free credit counseling.  If you're tired of receiving these unsolicited e-mails (also known as spam), we may have the right solution for you.

Last year, we started up our spam filter program.  To this day, we continue to receive rave reviews from those of you who have taken advantage of this program.  Our spam filter is currently negating between 80-85% of unwanted e-mail.  That's a good amount of Viagra requests getting flushed away.

If this is something that you'd like to sign up for, now is the time.  We now have tighter filters running to eleviate even more of that garbage e-mail.  For a $1.00 monthly fee per mailbox, you too can take advantage of this filtering technology.  If you have a domain and would like your domain filtered, we can do this for a $10.00 monthly fee.  Simply fill out the form below and we can get your inbox filtered immediately.

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