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Many, many Internet users frequently take part in Internet chats. A good portion of these chats take place using programs called instant messengers. Many of the popular instant messengers -- AOL Instant Messenger, MSN Messenger, ICQ, etc. -- have become a target of virus-spreading activities. It is extremely important that you understand the potential dangers of using these messenger programs.

The way these viruses and worms are spread can be quite easily mistaken for legit conversation. All someone needs to do is send a link via one of these programs, have you click on it, and suddently you become infected. Once infected, your messenger software will attempt to transmit the virus to everyone in your buddy lists. So as you can see, this can become destructive very quickly.
The graph to the left, taken for the month of March 2005, indicates which networks suffer the most attacks.

Data for this graph was compiled by IMLogic. The graph itself is from SC Magazine.
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