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DSL Access
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DSL stands for Digital Subscriber Line

A DSL connection gives you "always on" high-speed Internet access for relatively low cost. 

Besides being much faster, some of the other key benefits of a DSL connection are:

  • you can be on the phone or using your FAX machine while being on the Internet;  
  • multiple computers can all use the internet at the same time;  
  • there are no per minute usage charges like a standard Business line;

Use the links below to find out more about DSL, and then fill out the Online Form to see if you qualify.

 Residential Pricing

 Business Pricing

Click here for information on a possible acceleration method for your DSL access.

Answers to some of the most common questions can be found here.

A DSL Line opens up a lot of possibilities... in this section we've tried to show you some equipment options.

Before filling out the Online Form below, be sure to read this information.

DSL Form
To determine if you can get DSL, please fill out this form.

Configuration Instructions
After your DSL line and Network Interface Card is installed, you will need to configure your computer and your mail program.  We recommend you print out this information after you place a Firm Order.

DSL - Customer Comments
Read what SAMnet Customers have to say about their DSL Access.

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